This is the ip4 site for

There's not much on it, deliberately. The main site is ip6-exclusive, and will always be.

This split is because jasmine, my main server, does not have an ip4 address. mu-bingyuan, my email server, offers this site as an alternative to having nothing at all.

Possibility one: You don't have ip6. This will, eventually, be a proper guide for fixing this (and why you should), but for now, check this and this, then go bug your ISP/telco to get their ass into gear and assign you an ip6.

Possibility two: You have ip6 but your system preferred ip4. "Typically the AAAA [ip6] record gets resolved first, then the A [ip4] record.", "In general dual stack clients will try IPv6 first before falling back to IPv4 though there is no hard and fast rule.". Try to force it.

I'm aware of some issues accessing jasmine. I believe it's related to routing. Please provide me information about this so I can get to the bottom of it. (Right now I think country + whether you could access it, with or without forcing it are what would be useful.)