"A sprinting ninja with no taste whatsoever in music." - Argy
"You look creepy when you glare into the soul of the viewer in the camera" - Crizzly
"zergling i see you are being an insufferable prick as usual" - LovelyJane
"Found "Wisknort", can't remember who he is but I remember him
You probably don't know 'em" - Vintage Seinfeld DVD
"pervling_man. It fits nicely. webcomic_man is a better summary" - i-58
"a man with a temper with that of a women. a hermit who cares about mundane & worldly matters. a non flexible philosopher. unique indeed" - LanLingWang
"how lazy you are?
lazyman halolua its lazyman" - Madao
"i'm asking for english you australio-weeb" - Sayori's Bodyguard
"Whiskers looks like the embodiment of a discord admin" - Yuko Yoshida
"i think whiskers has lost it lol" - Quackerkats
"Who is zerg ? A guy who had a PA signature where he told a plant loli he wish he could show her more than her game" - Danna
"I'm serious. I find you to be a very dull and unnecessary person.
I don't want you to see my content. You're a parasite and unremarkable in every way." - PonyPanda
"Asexual Programming Trap-Loving Hipster friend" - The Thicc Earth Society
"you make your own life worse on purpose and complain to others when they aren't in as much pain as you. genuinely seek mental help, im not insulting or joking" - WHY REMIX

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