myroids! Stuff to come later.
Game is Moe Can Change by Ambition.
I'll be posting random tools I've written elsewhere in this folder soon. Probably I'll fix them up first to be less explosion-prone.

So I can't play. My phone randomly decided to fuck up my button remaps, so I installed xposed (among several other attempts) to try to fix it. Eventually found a good xposed package for it. Anyway, when I first installed it, MCC stopped loading. Gave me a blank white screen as soon as I open the app. Huh. Similar to the time I ran a "prevent DRM content playing" script, which appeared to affect nothing else. I undid it fine, but uninstalling xposed didn't. Hmm.
So I switched to anbox, which meant no notifications, as I mentioned in my status. But then Manjaro switched stable kernel to linux 5.7. So I compiled my own version of 5.7 with the config options enabled, but binder still doesn't work, and it has no networking. I think I know why the latter occurs, but not how to fix it yet. So that's all TODO. I jumped back on 5.6 to update my status, but I'm going to keep using 5.7, (y'know, for continued support since 5.6 is EOL and) to try to force myself to sort this out properly.
My new phone will probably show up before then.

So new phone arrived. I'm going to flash Lineage or something on it soon, but until then, I'll be doing a lot of packet sniffing of MCC to try and figure out how the login system works, so that I can make a custom (desktop) client for it. That's already started (or continued, since I did some in the past on my other phone), but it may take time to make sense of it all. Help appreciated.

Haha I (probably) bricked it. IS FIXED! Shift support are gods!

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