Rakka me takkas and riddly me diddlies.

Welcome back, Ike. Farewell, Sly.

Hi, certain person who I didn't warn I'd be writing a message to. Here's the thing I wanted you to check out. Please enjoy.

This site is hosted in Tasmania, AU, by zergling.man42 (a Gmail user) (Google are rubbish, will replace ASAP), a Van Canto fangirl boy. Also available on Discord as Zergling_man#9849, or on Freenode as Zergling_man or Mastodon as @Zergling_man@openweb.social. But who am I, really?
And many other places

Who can't figure out how SSL works. I'm working on it. got SSL working, I guess.

Haha I'm way too lazy for webhosting

Also Twitch Tas are cool, go check them.

Cool games: Fantasy Strike (cheap!), Din's Curse (dirt cheap!), Mechwarrior Online (free!), Wurm Online (free!)

Any momentary outage would likely have been caused by a spider attack housemate's tantrum

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