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Rakka me takkas and riddly me diddlies.

Welcome back, Ike. Farewell, Sly.

This site is hosted in Tasmania, AU, by zergling.man42 (a Gmail user) (Google are rubbish, will replace ASAP), a Van Canto fangirl boy. Also available on Discord as Zergling_man#9849, or on Freenode as Zergling_man or Mastodon as But who am I, really?
And many other places

Who can't figure out how SSL works. I'm working on it. got SSL working, I guess.

Haha I'm way too lazy for webhosting

Also Twitch Tas are cool, go check them.

Cool games: Fantasy Strike (gone free! Go play it now!), Din's Curse (dirt cheap!), Mechwarrior Online (free!), Wurm Online (free!), Portable Puzzle Collection (free and open source! Also on android!)

Any momentary outage would likely have been caused by a spider attack housemate's tantrum

Wisknort. Whisker snot.

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