"A sprinting ninja with no taste whatsoever in music." - Argy
"You look creepy when you glare into the soul of the viewer in the camera" - Crizzly
"zergling i see you are being an insufferable prick as usual" - LovelyJane
"Found "Wisknort", can't remember who he is but I remember him
You probably don't know 'em" - Vintage Seinfeld DVD
"pervling_man. It fits nicely. webcomic_man is a better summary" - i-58
"a man with a temper with that of a women. a hermit who cares about mundane & worldly matters. a non flexible philosopher. unique indeed" - LanLingWang
"how lazy you are?
lazyman halolua its lazyman" - Madao
"i'm asking for english you australio-weeb" - Sayori's Bodyguard